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Wood diffuser

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An environmentally friendly eco-diffuser that uses passive diffusion technology to silently but effectively scent your personal spaces."

No electricity requiredsimply drop a few drops of your favourite Scent Australia aroma oil into the Wood diffuser and enjoy the gorgeous fragrance. For stronger effect add more oil, the wood will quickly absorb the oil and release it into the air.

No maintenance necessarysimply add more oil to increase the scent or change the aroma. Note that its possible the scents will mix resulting in beautiful new aromas!

Silent and versatilesilently and effectively diffuse your favourite fragrance in your home. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, stress relief or for stubborn smoking and pet odours.

Environmentally friendly designmade from beech wood using sustainable farming methods.

Diameter 6.1cm x 8.1cm x 17.8cm


*When using our wooden diffuser it is recommended you only use a single fragrance, as the scent sinks through the wood.

Wood diffuser - White Wood Boutique
Wood diffuser - White Wood Boutique