Chasing Sundays

Classic Turkish towel

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Chasing Sundays

Traditionally made in Turkey using locally grown 100% natural Turkish cotton & certified raw dyes. Featuring thin white stripes on a coloured background, hand finished with each tassel being twisted and tied by hand.
This is your Classic, all rounder Turkish towel. Our biggest towel in size yet the most compact and durable, thanks to its slimline tight loom.
Pool, beach or bring a unique touch to your bathroom, you can not go wrong with the Classic. Great for the gym or laying out for yoga. Wear as a sarong, double it over and wear as a mini skirt or simply drape from a hook within your home for a layered look.

Turkish towels are a travelers must have; take the bulk out of your bag & welcome this space saving multipurpose item.


The more you wash and use your towel, the softer and more absorbent it will become.
An ideal gift with a colour for everyone and every space.