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Camio - Beige

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Elevate your everyday wardrobe with the Camio Top. This wardrobe essential is designed to be your go-to piece for both layering and basking in the summer sun.

The Camio Top's classic charm lies in its simplicity. With a soft V-neck, it offers a touch of femininity while maintaining a timeless and versatile look. Its thick straps provide comfort and coverage, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Embrace the sleeveless design, allowing your arms to soak up the sun or seamlessly pair it with your favorite jacket or cardigan for a layered look that's both chic and cozy. The Camio Tank Top gracefully swings out at the hem to accommodate your hips, offering a flattering fit that complements your natural curves.

Whether you're dressing it up with statement accessories and bold bottoms or keeping it casual with your favorite shorts, the Camio Tank Top is the canvas for your daily style expression. Its understated elegance allows you to effortlessly create a wide range of outfits, ensuring you're ready for any moment.

Fabric : Linen (NO HAND WASH - Wash by themselves in a wash bag!)